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Giants Offseason 2012: Osi Umenyiora Rips Jerry Reese

Who says the offseason should be a quiet and peaceful time for the World Champions?

The New York Giants and their star defensive end Osi Umenyiora are at odds again over a contract dispute that has the two-time Super Bowl champ calling general manager Jerry Reese on the carpet.

In an email to the New York Daily News, Umenyiora had the following to say:

"Last year I was offered incentives. This year they offered me in guaranteed money, HALF of what they just gave Kiwi guaranteed. HALF," Umenyiora wrote. "I’m not making that up. Then Jerry tells the world they offered me an extension and I turned it down. And I look like a greedy pig for turning it down. Hilarious."

Umenyiora was referring to Mathias Kiwanuka, who signed a three-year contract extension worth $10.95 million in guaranteed money.

This is clearly going to be another contentious summer for these two sides, with the battle lines drawn in the sand. Umenyiora is obviously a very important piece to the puzzle, but the Giants have to be careful with their ever-present cap situation.

It would be a shame if the two can't come to a deal and Umenyiora gets dealt after he had 12 1/2 sacks in 13 games, but it is a business after all.

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