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Eli Manning Says Saints' Bounties 'Can't Be A Part Of Football'

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning became the first high-profile NFL player to sound off on the New Orleans Saints' bounty system scandal that was uncovered by an NFL investigation.

"Obviously it is a big deal, what's going on,'' Eli Manning said last night before the premiere of the official championship video, "Super Bowl XLVI Champions: New York Giants," at a theater in Times Square. "It's not good for football and can't be a part of football. I know [commissioner] Roger Goodell will do a good job figuring all this out and making sure this doesn't happen again.'' (via NY Post)

Manning also talked about a line being crossed when you go from talking about pressuring quarterbacks or getting hits on them to talking about trying to take them out.

"But when you start talking about injuring a guy and carting him off and trying to end his season or career, that's not what this game is about. I think we should have more respect for the game than that. It can't be a part of football.''

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