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Mario Manningham Free Agency Rumors: What's The Deal With No Deal?

Free-agent wide receivers have been flying off the board quickly on the first day of 2012 NFL Free Agency. Vincent Jackson signed a rich contract in Tampa Bay. The Washington Redskins reeled in Pierre Garcon, Josh Morgan and Eddie Royal. Before that all began, Randy Moss even found a home with the San Francisco 49ers.

Yet, New York Giants Super Bowl hero Mario Manningham has yet to find a home. There are whispers that perhaps the Minnesota Vikings might make a play for Manningham. The St. Louis Rams and Cincinnati Bengals could also be possibilities. Ralph Vacchiano still thinks Tampa Bay is in play.

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What is keeping teams from knocking on Manningham's door? Maybe the fact that he reportedly wants to be paid like a No. 1 receiver when he, obviously, has never shown that's what he is. Oh, and maybe someone should tell Mario to stop ripping potential employers before they have a chance to make an offer.

It will be interesting to see how much longer Manningham stays on the market.