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Plaxico Burress Rumors: Plax Says He Rejected Giants in 2011

Plaxico Burress said Thursday on the Dan Patrick Show that he rejected a chance to return to the New York Giants a year ago, choosing the New York Jets instead. Burress insists that the Giants "wanted" him to return.

"I made the decision personally not to go back. I didn't have any animosity towards them because they wanted to bring me back. I made a decision not to go. ... It was just a situation where I just wanted to go somewhere and start over fresh," Burress said.

Is Burress right here, or is this revisionist history? The Giants and Burress did meet, but after signing with the Jets Burress admitted at the time that a return to the Giants was never in his plans.

Burress caught 45 passes for the Jets in 2011 and appears ready to move on once again. On the DP Show he once again talked about the possibility of joining the Philadelphia Eagles.

"It would be a beautiful place to play, no doubt about it. With all the players that they already have in place, I just see myself going to where I could help that team win a championship. If I go to that team and score some touchdowns in the red zone I really believe they have the opportunity to go to the Super Bowl and win it."

All Giants' fans can do is shake their collective heads. After spending much of the 2011 offseason talking about Burress, then having him ultimately sign with the Jets, now they might be looking at having him sign with the NFC East rival Eagles.

Burress is long gone from the Giants. That, however, does not seem to means the Giants and their fans are done having to deal with him.