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Giants Co-Owner John Mara: 'We've Already Started To Turn The Page'

New York Giants co-owner John Mara joined ESPN Radio New York with Mike Lupica earlier this week to discuss the team's Super Bowl XLVI victory over the New England Patriots. Sports Radio Interviews has the full transcript. Excerpts below:

What was your reaction to the Giants final touchdown when Ahmad Bradshaw stopped before he fell into the end zone?

"My feeling was that they were going to let us score. I remember turning to my brother Chris and saying I think they are going to let us score. I just assumed take a knee right here because I’d rather take a chance on Lawrence Tynes hitting what would basically be an extra point rather than give the ball back to Tom Brady with too much time left. I thought Bradshaw would go through the line and go to the the end zone. You can’t blame the guy for doing that. That is just an instinctive play and at least by doing that it made him [Tom Brady] have to come down the field and score a touchdown as opposed to a field goal, but if you look at it and ask 10 NFL coaches you probably would have a split opinion on what they should have done in that situation so I was happy to get the points, but I was scared to death with 50 seconds left to put the ball in Brady’s hands. The last play of the game the ball was in the end zone being batted around anything could have happened."

Is it still this season or when you showed up today to work is it next season?

"I think we’ve already started to turn the page. We got two tight ends that both unfortunately tore their ACL’s in that game, so we got some work to do now. We got a bunch of guys who are going to be free agents, so we have some tough decisions we are going to have to make. We’re already starting to turn the page. I don’t know if those memories will ever be far away from me because that experience of being at that parade and then coming back here to that stadium. That is something I’ll remember for the rest of my life."