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Super Bowl 2012, Eli Manning Press Conference: No Sibling Rivalry Here

Like father, like son. Like son, like brother. And now, by wininng his second Super Bowl championship on Sunday against the New England Patriots, Eli Manning has surpassed his brother Peyton in title hardware.

Yet as younger brother Eli pointed out during a press conference on Monday, there's no rivalry in the family.

"This isn’t about bragging rights. This is a lot bigger. This is about a team, an organization being named world champions, and that was the ultimate goal. That’s the only thing that’s important, is the team finding a way to get a victory. That’s the only thing I care about and Peyton and I both know that’s what the goal is every year. It’s not about anything else," the younger Manning said.

After Eli's Giants held on for a thrilling 21-17 victory Sunday night that wasn't secure until the final play finished, he was able to spend some time with Peyton.

"I got to be with Peyton a bit and he was proud of me," Eli said. "He was proud of the team. A quarterback like Peyton is, he knows the game well and he asks questions a lot of people won’t ask. Like the touchdown to Victor Cruz, he asked me if I saw the middle linebacker running out there, and I didn’t. He can see there and tell it how it looks. It was ‘single-high’ and he kind of jabbed to my right a little bit before running left and looking up Victor. Under center, you know they’re bringing a blitz. It is tough to see that, but luckily, he never looked back at me and I threw it right off his shoulder and Victor did a good job of concentrating and making the catch. Then he talked about the throw to Manningham. He was mad, he said everybody was talking about how great of a catch it was. He said it was a pretty good throw, also. It’s a brother looking out for me. He was proud of me and happy for me."

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