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Super Bowl 2012: Madonna Does A Higher Rating Than The Game

Madonna is apparently still quite popular. The past sensation out-rated the Super Bowl, as her halftime performance generated a 48.3 rating compared to a 47.8 for the game according to reports from John Ourand.

Despite two very large market teams being involved in the affair, Super Bowl couldn't break its own ratings record which was set just last year by Green Bay and Pittsburgh.

Part of that is undoubtedly the very nice weather that the East has seen this year. With a normally bitter time of year upon us, people are much more likely to stay inside and look forward to the game.

It's truly amazing that Madonna is still as popular as she is. Many people were annoyed that the NFL was bringing in another older superstar to perform the halftime show, but clearly they made the right decision.

This Super Bowl did outdraw the previous match-up between these two teams as the 2007 game did a 43.1 rating.

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