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Super Bowl 2012 Score Update: Giants Capitalize On Patriots Mistakes, Take Late 21-17 Lead

Wes Welker dropped what would have been a huge gain on second down for the New England Patriots. Granted, the catch certainly would have been a difficult one. He had to make a quick adjustment towards his back shoulder to get his hands on it. Still, Welker has staked his NFL career on being one of the more sure-handed receiver in the leagues.

The New York Giants knocked down Tom Brady's third-down pass attempt to force a punt. Mario Manningham redeemed himself for failing to stay in bounds on a catch on the Giants last drive, making sure to keep his feet in bounds along the right sideline for a 39-yard gain.

Bradshaw found the end zone on a touchdown run. He tried to stop just short of the end zone in order to run some more time off the clock, but was unable to control his momentum. The Giants went for two on the PAT attempt but couldn't convert.



Eli Manning has been the star, however. Should the Giants hold on for the win, he is all but assured to take home Super Bowl MVP honors. For the game, he is 30-for-40 passing for the game, with 296 yards and a touchdown.


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