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Super Bowl 2012 Score Update: New York Giants Have 9-0 Lead On New England Patriots After First Quarter

Through the first quarter of Super Bowl XLVI , the New York Giants are picking up where they left off in their last Super Bowl -- beating the New England Patriots.

The Giants received first after the Patriots won the toss and deferred. Starting on their own 35-yard line, Eli Manning went 4-for-4 on the opening drive and got the Giants into New England territory, but a sack on 3rd-and-13 stalled the drive at the NE 42-yard line.

Giants punter Steve Weatherford pinned the Patriots inside the ten yard line with a 36-yard punt, which, bizarre enough, led to the first points of the game. On the Patriots' very first play Tom Brady dropped back to throw, but was met with a heavy Giants' pass rush and forced to get rid of the ball in a hurry. Brady's throw was deep over the middle, but no Patriots' receiver was in the vicinity, so it drew a flag for intentional grounding. Brady was in the end zone when the throw was made, so by rule it's a safety, and gave the Giants a 2-0 lead.

After the Giants received the free kick, they went marching down the field, a big chunk of yards coming from a 24 yard run by Ahmad Bradshaw. On 3rd-and-3 at the NE 11-yard line, Victor Cruz lost a fumble after picking up a first down, but New England was flagged for too many men on the field, not only giving the ball back to New York, but also giving them a fresh set of downs inside the 10. Two plays later, Manning hit Cruz for a touchdown.

It didn't take long for the Patriots to start responding to the early 9-0 hole, though; three completions and 41 yards from Tom Brady, the Patrios will have it at the Giants' 17-yard line when the second quarter resumes.

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