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Super Bowl 2012: Believe It Or Not, Tickets Are Available

With just two hours until kickoff, there are still more than 400 tickets available for Super Bowl XLVI between the New York Giants and New England Patriots.

Considering the economy and face-value price of the tickets, that shouldn't come as a total shock. The Super Bowl is often an automatic sellout with big corporations buying up bug chunks, but with a cold climate city and the country's financial struggles the ticket market is still active.

If you live close and want to make a last-second purchase, the options are out there. A great place to go is where seats are still being sold.

It's a little surprising with the New York and New England markets that fans haven't bought up all the excess tickets with Indianapolis being a reasonable drive away.

The capacity of Lucas Oil Stadium is 67,000, so it's not an overly spacious stadium by previous Super Bowl standards. Regardless, it should be a loud atmosphere with the roof being closed tonight.