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Super Bowl 2012: The New England Patriots Are Already Being Crowned

As you may have read by now, the New York Giants website posted a page celebrating the team as Super Bowl champions. Well, two can play at that game.

During the Celtics/Grizzlies basketball game this afternoon, Dick's Sporting Goods accidentally ran a commercial advertising New England Patriots championship gear. It only appeared twice before being taken off the air quickly.

This will be just another subplot to a game that couldn't be more intriguing on so many levels. While the Patriots had absolutely no control over the mistake, it's hard to imagine Giants fans letting it go without some attention.

Conversely, it's the first piece of media coming out to trumpet New England after the website gaffe by New York. It's hardly going to affect the players but it'll be tossed around in the media with only two hours until kickoff.

What a long, strange road it has been for both squads and cities this week leading up to Super Bowl XLIV.