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Super Bowl 2012: Chris Canty Believes In The New York Giants

Usually someone stirs the pot before the Super Bowl with a comment on media day. This year, New York Giants defensive lineman Chris Canty took to twitter in order to make his fearless prediction.

As reported by WEEI, the hulking defensive lineman was responding to a tweet by Jason Romano asking for Super Bowl predictions. Canty wasn't about to become shy.

Giants 28, Patriots 17. Apparently Canty feels very confident in his team's chances, and why not? The Giants have been on an absolute roll since beating their cross-town rivals on Christmas Eve.

Canty did talk earlier in the week, making statements about when the parade will be in New York after the Super Bowl.

With the two teams having obvious and extended history, it's hard to imagine any bulletin board material being needed to get the juices flowing. Canty's statement just further shows the confidence New York has been exuding all week.

All of it will be put to the test very soon.