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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Hulu Introduces New Pitchman, Will Arnett

Up until now, Alec Baldwin has been the face of Hulu in their commercials for the Super Bowl or otherwise. From the looks of the teaser for their 2012 commercial, it looks like Arrested Development and Up All Night star Will Arnett is taking over that mantle.

That is, if he can ever get in the building:

It's all about Hulu Plus now, considering that's the only way Hulu is going to make any money. They also promote a Twitter hashtag, #mushymush, which seems to be what TV on Hulu and otherwise is trying to turn your brain into.

See how many TV show references you can find in that teaser. I think I caught SNL, Battlestar Galatica, Arrested Development, The Larry Sanders Show and All In The Family. Plenty more when Hulu premieres their Super Bowl commercial during the, uh, Super Bowl.

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