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Super Bowl Recipes: Spicy Party Meatballs

The Super Bowl is all about three things. Football, commercials and food. Lots and lots of food.

We've covered bacon in great detail here and here so how bout we make sure our bases are all covered on the meatball front?

Spicy Party Meatballs

There are literally three ingredients in this crock pot recipe, and when told the details most people will be skeptical that the meatballs will be edible. The three ingredients:

  1. Grape jelly
  2. Chili sauce
  3. Frozen meatballs

Use equal parts jelly and chili sauce. Substituting cocktail sauce for chili sauce is okay, but no other jelly but grape will do. Mix the jelly and chili sauce together in the crock pot and heat on low for a few hours, until done.

While it may not sound appealing to combine grape jelly and chili sauce, the sweet and sour combination works, especially as a last minute, zero-effort Super Bowl food choice. A suggestion: stick with the name "Party Meatballs" and let the flavor do the talking.

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