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Key To Giants Super Bowl Victory May Lie In Steve Tisch's Dirty Feet

Sports and superstition go hand-in-hand. Since the first athletes in organized sports had great games after doing something weird, that weird thing, whether it be not stepping on the chalk lines in baseball or wearing a certain pair of basketball shoes, became habit and habit turns into superstition.

Most people believe that the crazy things some athletes do to prepare for games based on superstition are funny and sometimes stupid, but Giants owner Steve Tisch showed the world that it isn't just athletes that do weird, sometimes gross, things.

In an interview with TMZ, Tisch admitted to recently becoming superstitious. He said that five weeks ago, he let his two young daughters paint his toenails "Giants red" and "Giants blue" and because his team has not lost since, he refuses to remove the paint from his toenails. He even admitted that he has only washed his feet three times in the last six weeks.

Tisch can't really be blamed for his toenails being painted or even really for the lack of general hygiene that has probably resorted in a foot odor that would send Dr. Scholl running for the hills. If he were to remove the nail polish by washing his feet and the Giants lost Super Bowl XLVI, there's a good chance that a small part of him would think "what if I hadn't washed my feet for just a few more days" for the rest of his life.

Personally, I hope this whole nail polish thing works out for Tisch because I would like to see what he's willing to let his daughters do to him next season. Pink hair? Nose ring? They don't seem out of the realm of possibility since he let his feet get so bad that Frodo probably had cleaner ones after his trip to Mordor.

Ah, the things we do for sports.