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2012 Super Bowl: Giants Coach Tom Coughlin Says 'We’re Trying To Make Our Own History Here'

During the buildup to Sunday’s 2012 Super Bowl New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin has been asked many times to compare this team, and this playoff run, to the 2008 run that saw the Giants defeat the 18-0 New England Patriots. The Patriots, of course, will also be New York’s opponent this weekend.

During a visit with Mike Francesa of WFAN earlier this week Coughlin tried to make a distinction between the two teams.

“This is the 2011-12 New York Giants who are striving to make their own history. We’re trying to make our own history here, but there are comparisons and it is not a difficult thing to see those comparisons and agree with them. You got the overtime. You got the field goal in overtime to send you to the Super Bowl. You got the road warrior concept, the five straight single-elimination games that thank God we have been able to win,” Coughlin said. "You do have your similarities. You do have some players that are remaining from the game a few years ago that find themselves in the same position this year. These are two different and unique teams, who have the same tradition and heritage. You’ll find the new players who are a part of this, they are striving to make their own mark on history.”