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Super Bowl 2012, Giants Vs. Patriots: LeSean McCoy's Prediction Will Be Popular In New York

Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy, whose Eagles played both the New England Patriots and New York Giants (twice) this season, went against his heart to predict the Giants to win Sunday's Super Bowl.

Asked his pick for the game during an interview with ESPN New York's Michael Kay (transcribed by Sports Radio Interviews), McCoy selected the Patriots, choosing against his divisional foe. But then he added that his pick is not his prediction.

"OK, but to be honest, I feel like the Giants will win the game. They're too hot right now," said the running back.

McCoy called the Giants his most hated NFC rival, later addressing the trash talk he has directed at Osi Umenyiora.

"Osi was cool, it was just that when I first got in the league, he rubbed me the wrong way. He was talking so much. He was the only guy talking on the field. Each year it got worse and worse. He's a competitor, he likes to compete, and so do I. We just kind of battled back. We talk trash to each other. We have respect for each other, but on the field, between the lines, it's every man for themselves."

Despite his admitted dislike of the Giants, McCoy is not surprised they made The Big Game.

"I'm not surprised, especially with the Patriots. They're a good team. They always find a way to kind of get it done and get wins when they need to. The Giants, I'm not really surprised, either, because the way they kind of put it together. Struggling a little bit up and down ... and still find a way to get it done with injuries, different players not playing. I'm happy for them, as far as battling and getting the job done. I'm not happy for them because they're in our division."

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