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Brandon Jacobs Rumors: Future In New York Giants' Hands, Says Running Back

Running back Brandon Jacobs says he wants to remain with the New York Giants, but the ball is in the front office's court.

During a public appearance Wednesday at Madison High School, Jacobs told WNBC-TV sports anchor Bruce Beck that he would like to return to New York in 2012, but does not know whether the Giants will choose to keep him.

"I want to stay in NY a whole lot. But I"m not willing to sell my soul," Jacobs said, according to Beck's Twitter feed.

"If the Giants want it to work out - it will. If they don't, it won't!"

Jacobs, set to make $4.9 million in 2012 after a disappointing 2011 season, would likely have to take a pay cut to remain with the Giants. It's possible the Giants would rather cut him for salary cap purposes.

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