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Super Bowl 2012: Jason Pierre-Paul Doesn't Back Off Talk About Tom Brady

New York Giants star defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul has talked a few times this week about New England quarterback Tom Brady being bothered by the Giants pass rush earlier this season.

Thursday Pierre-Paul did not back off his comments that Brady was feeling pressure that wasn’t really there in the team’s regular-season meeting.

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"He was. He did react to pressure that didn’t exist, and he was just throwing the ball places where there wasn’t even a receiver there," Pierre-Paul said. "It’s like he felt us. When we looked back on the film, we watched the film, and we didn’t really rush like we can rush as a defense. He was throwing balls on the ground and stuff, but like I said, it’s going to be a battle. We have to get there. We have to."

Pierre-Paul had 16.5 sacks in the regular season and the Giants will need him to back up his words and make the great New England quarterback uncomfortable on Sunday.