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2012 Super Bowl, Giants Vs. Patriots: Jerry Reese Press Conference, Thursday

Jerry Reese has now seen the New York Giants reach the Super Bowl twice in his five season as general manager. The architect of the Giants roster was asked Thursday about the “over-arching philosophy” of how the Giants build a team. If you have followed the Giants for any length of time you know his answer was vintage Reese.

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"Our over-arching philosophy is ‘find good players.’ That’s what’s most important. You try to get as many good players as you can. I don’t care what position they are, you try to stack as many good players as you can," reese said. "We don’t go into (the draft) and say, ‘We’re looking for a defensive end, we’re looking for a quarterback.’ We’re looking for good players. Then after we get good players, we fill in around and get players in the holes that we need. That’s our formula."

Draftniks sometimes shake their heads when Reese stockpiles pass-rushing defensive ends, or wide receivers, or bypasses players who look like they might fit perceived needs for guys who — at first glance — have no place to play. With two Super Bowl appearances in five years, though, it is pretty hard to argue with the results.