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Super Bowl 2012: Eli Manning Press Conference, Thursday, 02.02.12

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning seemed relaxed and ready to go Thursday morning during his daily meeting with reporters leading up to the 2012 Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. This is the last day of media availability for players.

“You gotta enjoy this, you gotta have fun,” said Manning. "You can’t get nervous about it, you can’t overthink things. You just gotta go out there and play the game you’ve been playing your whole life, and enjoy every second of it.

“Having been in the NFL eight years you realize how rare it is to get here, how special it is, what a great opportunity this is,” Manning said. "You don’t want to let these opportunities slip away.

“The whole journey’s been great, and now obviously the goal is to finish it off strong,” Manning said. “That’s kinda been the words of the season, finish games in the fourth quarter and finish the season strong.”