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Brandon Jacobs Says He Would Play For Jets, Rex Ryan

Brandon Jacobs as a member of the New York Jets? The New York Giants running back says he would consider it if he is not retained by the Giants next season.

Jacobs had an on-field confrontation with Jets coach Rex Ryan after the Giants defeated the Jets during the regular season. Yet, he now says “I like the way Rex handles his business.”

What to make of that? This is just Jacobs doing damage control because he knows that despite his stated desire to stay with the Giants he knows that might not happen.

Jacobs is owed $4.4 million in salary next season, plus a $500,000 roster bonus in March. If the Giants decide $4.9 million is too much for a 30-year-old backup running back with knee issues and a sometimes surly attitude then Jacobs will be looking for a new employer.

Conciliatory words or not, I can’t imagine Jacobs ending up with the Jets. Even Jacobs’ pal Plaxico Burress, who spent last season with the Jets, seems ready to bail on Gang Green. Strangely, though, his power-running style is one that might fit the ground-and-pound approach the Jets will likely to trying to re-establish.