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Super Bowl 2012, Giants Vs. Patriots: Kevin Gilbride Press Conference

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has had the best season of his career in leading the Giants to the 2012 Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. He passed for a franchise record 4,933 yards, led six fourth-quarter victories and cut his interceptions from 25 a season ago to 16.

And yes, he proved he is elite. There is still one thing he does, however, that makes offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride crazy. That would be his occasional propensity to throw the ball left-handed when he is flushed from the pocket.

"He still does it. I go crazy. It is foolish, it is stupid," Gilbride said. "You are asking for disaster. Don’t do that. Sometimes the instincts are just so strong that they take over."

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Gilbride did not want to endorse the idea that the Giants, last in the league in rushing this season, have become a passing team.

“If Tom [Coughlin] had the perfect world, we would run it 30, throw it 30 and we would win 14-2,” Gilbride said. “Sometimes it doesn’t play out that way and you have to recognize that what are people doing defensively. What is our best chance of moving the ball and if we have to run it 50 times, that is fine with me. If we have to throw it 50, whatever we have to do.”