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Super Bowl 2012, Giants Vs. Patriots: Perry Fewell Press Conference

New York Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell said Wednesday that not being certain of the playing status of New England Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski (questionable with a high ankle sprain) complicates preparations for Sunday’s 2012 Super Bowl.

"The speculation of if he will or if he won’t, that’s very difficult, because you can only use study. He’s been in every football game they’ve played this year so what do they do without him. It’s a difficult thing," Fewell said.

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Fewell came to the Giants from the Buffalo Bills after serving as defensive coordinator there, and interim head coach for part of the 2009 season. He interviewed for four head-coaching jobs a season ago, but his name never came up for any of the vacancies that came around following the 2011 season. Fewell has never hidden his desire to be a head coach, and knows his chances could be enhanced if the Giants win the Super Bowl.

"I think it gives me more marketability in the future," Fewell said. "Now I have the experience of coaching in the Super Bowl, knowing what the preparation is like for a Super Bowl week, because it does change. I think that adds value to what I can do."