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Giants 24, Falcons 2: Giants Serious Super Bowl Contenders?

The New York Giants -- justifiably -- did not get much love from the national media throughout a mediocre 9-7 season that saw them need victories in their final two games to make the playoffs. Well, that certainly has changed. Look around today and you can see that for yourself.

Peter King praised the Giants in several ways in his weekly 'Monday Morning Quarterback' column. King broached similarities to the Giants' 2007 Super Bowl run, praised Tom Coughlin's game management and moved the Giants all the way to No. 6 in his weekly 'Fine 15.'

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In reviewing the game, SI also had this to say:

In winning their first playoff game since upending the unbeaten Patriots in Super Bowl XLII, the Giants finally showed themselves to be a complete team after relying on Manning's arm (he threw a career-high 4,933 yards) for most of 2011.

CBS Sports Clark Judge offered this nugget about the Giants' revitalized defense:

Over the last three games, it allowed four touchdowns. Period. That means opponents were blanked on 37 of their last 41 drives, and, yeah, I like that a lot when your next opponent is Green Bay.

ESPN also offers eight reasons the Giants should be looked at as serious Super Bowl contenders.

Tom Coughlin and company sure have come a long way since a few short weeks ago when it looked like the the Giants would miss the playoffs for the third straight season.