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2012 NFL Playoffs, Picks And Predictions: Giants Beat Falcons; Steelers Blowout Broncos, Tim Tebow

The Wild-Card round of the 2012 NFL Playoffs begins Saturday, and that means only one thing: More NFL picks and predictions for this guy! So, without further delay here's what I think will happen this week.

Houston Texans (-4) vs. Cincinnati Bengals: This is a tough one and I'd like to believe that the Texans (10-6) can collect their first playoff victory in franchise history, however, the Bengals (9-7) and their story are just too good to pass up. Prediction: Bengals 28, Texans 20.

New Orleans Saints (-10) vs. Detroit Lions: Talk about good stories, the Lions (10-6) are what every non-playoff head coach is using as an example for next season. But, that will not make them good enough to beat the Saints (13-3). Predictions: Saints 35, Lions 21.

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New York Giants (-3) vs. Atlanta Falcons: I write for SB Nation New York, so the more games the Giants (9-7) win in the 2012 NFL playoffs the better for me. They should beat the visiting Falcons (10-6) Sunday, however, let me tell you that you shouldn't put money on that bet. Predictions: Giants 24, Falcons 20.

Pittsburgh Steelers (-9) at Denver Broncos: Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow. I figured, the more I said it the more I could buy into the Broncos (8-8) not losing to the Steelers by 100 points. Or, at least, help me go 4-0 with my picks. Predictions: Steelers 30, Broncos 10.