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2012 Super Bowl, Giants Vs. Patriots: Antrel Rolle Says 'My Teammates Understand Me'

Antrel Rolle’s weekly radio appearance on WFAN has become a must-listen for New York Giants fans and reporters. Whether it has been on WFAN or elsewhere, Rolle has proven a talent for making headlines during his two seasons with the Giants.

Even the talkative safety understands, though, that the Giants can’t win Super Bowl XLVI against the New England Patriots by talking about it.

“The game (still) has to be played on Sunday. And the only thing that is going to determine the outcome of the game are the players in the game, who’s going to take the field and who’s going to be on either side,” Rolle said Monday during his news conference. "No talk, no media, no speculation, no parties, none of that stuff is really relevant at this point.”

Rolle was also asked about his outspoken personality.

“My teammates understand me and that’s the only people I really care (about) who need to understand me,” Rolle said. "They know that I’ve never been a problem, I’ll never be a problem, and everything I say is for the betterment of this team. They understand that and we’re moving forward.”