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2012 Super Bowl, Giants Vs. Patriots: Eli Manning Press Conference, 01.30.12

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has been asked a lot of questions about his brother, Peyton, in the past week. That continued Monday during Manning’s press conference after the team landed in Indianapolis for the 2012 Super Bowl against the New England Patriots.

Eli said that the main thing he has learned from his brother’s situation with the Indianapolis Colts is to treasure his opportunities.

“If you play this game long enough you realize how precious each season is. How precious these opportunities are. You don’t know if you’re going to get a chance to play in another Super, you don’t know when a season is going to get cut short.”

“When you have an opportunity and you can go win a championship you don’t want to let those opportunities slip away.”

Manning also again deflected questions about his legacy if the Giants win a second Super Bowl with him as quarterback.

“You don’t think about that as a player. You concentrate on the opponent, try to keep your mind focused on the job," Manning said. "If you get concerned with other things that takes your mind off what your job has to be this coming Sunday.”