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Super Bowl 2012, Giants Vs. Patriots: Injured Ann Mara Would Crawl To Indianapolis If She Had To

A broken shoulder will not be enough to keep Ann Mara, the widow of long-time New York Giants owner Wellington Mara, from attending Sunday's Super Bowl against the New England Patriots.

"If I had to crawl to Indianapolis I'd be there," Mara told by phone. "I have no intention of staying home. I'll be ready to go on the plane on Thursday."

Mara broke her shoulder in a fall last Sunday, one day after the New York Giants ousted the San Francisco 49ers in the AFC Championship game, and Mara herself became a viral sensation for a brief post-game exchange with Fox studio analyst Terry Bradshaw.

Mara intruded on an interview Bradshaw was conducting with Victor Cruz to tell the broadcaster he doesn't predict enough Giants wins.

"I couldn't wait to go up to him, because he never, ever picks us," Mara said, "but I didn't know we were on TV. We were in the locker room; I didn't expect there to be cameras in there.

"And now I'm getting mail from all over the country. People are sending my picture from the paper and asking me to autograph it, and I'm getting so many flowers now that I thought I was being waked."

Mara said she will have more x-rays on Tuesday and needs to wear a sling.

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