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2012 Super Bowl Predictions: Prognosticating Camel Picks The New York Giants

How can the New York Giants lose the 2012 Super Bowl now? Forget the fact that the 12-7 Giants are three-point underdogs to the 15-3 New England Patriots. The Giants have been chosen by Princess the Camel, whose prognosticating skills should make Las Vegas oddsmakers cringe with jealousy.

Princess, a resident of New Jersey’s New Jersey’s Popcorn Park Zoo, has picked the winner of five of the past six Super Bowls. She went 14 and 6 predicting regular-season and playoff games this year, and has a lifetime record of 88-51.

The Associated Press reports that Princess makes her pick by choosing between two crackers with the teams names written on them. Whichever one she nibbles is her selection.

‘’It started out when a local radio station was looking to have some fun, so they asked Princess who was going to win a particular game each week, and it just took off from there,’’ [zoo general manager John] Bergmann said. ‘’Now we have guys calling up on Sunday morning wanting to know who Princess has picked that week. One guy even asked if she does lottery numbers.’’