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Super Bowl 2012, Giants Vs. Patriots: Ann Mara Breaks Shoulder, 'Probable' For Super Bowl

Ann Mara, widow of long-time New York Giants owner Wellington Mara and mother of current Giants president John Mara, fell and broke her shoulder Monday morning just one day after chiding Terry Bradshaw on television, as reported by ESPN New York.

Mara, 82, fell in church on her way back from receiving communion, her son John confirmed in an email to ESPN New York. John Mara joked in the email that his mother is considered "probable" for next Sunday's Super Bowl.

As Bradshaw tried to interview Victor Cruz Sunday after New York's victory against the San Francisco 49ers, Mara interrupted the Fox studio analyst and scolded him for never picking the Giants to win.

Since then, several Giants have spoken in support of Mara's actions. Safety Antrel Rolle said Mara's passion represents what makes the Giants franchise special.

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"That's what it's about, man. When I say all on deck, I don't just mean the men in the locker room. That's the custodian, that's the cooks, everybody, we're all on deck, and that's what it's all about. And we're all one here, we're all one in this organization. Us as players, we don't go through things on our own. Our families go through it with us, the fans, the people within the organization and even the cooks in the cafeteria, they are extremely excited about what's going on. They don't share those memories with us on the field, but you know they share it with us in spirit, and in their hearts, and that's something you have to look forward to and something we appreciate going in and grabbing a meal each and every day. Those guys are very appreciative and full of warm graces, hugs. It's the little things like that that make you keep going and make you keep fighting."

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