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Peter King: Giants Will Be 'Hard To Beat' In Super Bowl

Let’s look at some of the national reaction to the New York Giants dramatic 20-17 overtime victory over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday in the NFC Championship Game. The victory, of course, propels the Giants into the 2012 Super Bowl

There’s something about Manning that’s hard to put a finger on, but also very hard to beat. The best quarterbacks are usually the ones who play the best with the most on the line. Manning’s had some embarrassing regular season losses. He was swept by the 5-11 Redskins this year, both by double digits. The Giants were routed at home by Seattle and had a four-game losing streak. But when it matters, the kid’s been money. Let’s look at Manning’s last five seasons:

Overall record: 56-32. (Eight more wins than Philadelphia, eight more wins than Dallas.)
Playoff record: 7-1.
Playoff record outside of New Jersey: 6-1.
Super Bowl record: 1-0.
Record against New England: 2-1. (Lost 38-35, won 17-14, won 24-20.)

The Giants don’t have the sick regular season record of the Patriots, but they’ve played better than New England in January and February. They’ve got a superb pass-rush, and they’ve got Manning. "We have grit,‘’ said Tom Coughlin. "We’re battle-tested. We’ve had five straight single-elimination games. Somehow, some way, we’ve found a way to scratch our way to a win.’’

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