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Giants Vs. 49ers, Fourth Quarter Score: San Francisco Field Goal Ties Game At 17 Apiece

The San Francisco 49ers responded right back to Eli Manning's touchdown pass to Mario Manningham, going on a six-play, 48-yard drive to the Giants' 8-yard line to set up a 25-yard David Akers field goal. With less than five minutes remaining in Sunday's NFC Championship Game, the Niners and Giants are tied at 17 apiece.

The 49ers had tremendous success on the ground on the drive. Alex Smith picked up 17 yard on a 1st-and-10, which Kendall Hunter followed up with an 18-yard run. The Giants held on the next set of downs, however, holding Michael Crabtree two yards short of the sticks on a 3rd-and-5 pass.

The Giants punted on their next possession after another three-and-out.

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