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Giants Vs. 49ers: New York Capitalizes On Muffed Punt, Take 17-14 Lead

The New York Giants had been getting thoroughly dominated offensively in the second half, punting on five straight possessions to open the half. They got an enormous stroke of luck when a Steve Weatherford punt barely glanced off the knee of San Francisco 49ers punt returner Kyle Williams, however. Devin Thomas seemed to be the only one to realize that ball was actually live, scooping up the ball and running into the end zone despite the refs blowing the play dead.



The Giants didn't get the touchdown that should have earned, but they did take over deep on the 49ers' 29-yard line. Eli Manning moved the offense up to the 12-yard line before a holding penalty pushed them back. Manning was eventually able to find Mario Manningham cutting in front of the secondary on 3rd-and-15 for the 18-yard score score. The Giants lead 17-14 midway through the fourth quarter.

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