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Giants Vs. 49ers, Third Quarter Score: Alex Smith Finds Vernon Davis To Take 14-10 Lead

The San Francisco 49ers struck first in what had been a very defensive start to the second half. Alex Smith threw his second touchdown pass of the day to Vernon Davis, hitting him in stride once again on the 28-yard play. The Niners lead the New York Giants 14-10 as we approach the latter portions of the third quarter.

Prior to the Niners' big-play, neither team had been able to find much offensive rhythm. The third quarter began with three straight punts, with the Giants managing just one first down between their two possesions. Smith struggled mightily on the 49ers' first drive of the half, as the New York secondary put the clamps down on a shorthanded receiving corps. He fared much better on his second try, however. Davis' touchdown reception was set up by a 24-yard gain on a screen pass to Frank Gore.

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