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49ers Vs. Giants, NFC Championship Game: San Fransisco Police Posing As New York Fans

After having issues with San Fransisco 49ers fans harassing New Orleans Saints fans in last week's NFL divisional-round game, the San Fransisco Police Department will be using a covert strategy Sunday to keep things peaceful. According to a report by the New York Daily News, SFPD will be dressing up as Giants fans in order to hopefully prevent Big Blue fans from being harassed.

"The decision to send in the cleverly disguised cops was made after several New Orleans Saints fans complained that they were threatened at Candlestick during last Saturday’s game.

"There will also be more security cameras in place on Sunday, and Giants fans will be handed a card as they enter with details on how to contact police if they feel threatened."

Obviously, the hope is that those Giants fans traveling to San Fran for the game will feel a bit safer. However, it might be a little weird for a guy dressed up in Giants gear to all of a sudden start cheering for the 49ers.

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