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Rex Ryan Predicts New York Giants Will Reach Super Bowl

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan doesn't always shower his crosstown rivals with love. But Ryan said Friday that he expects the New York Giants to win the NFC Championship Game and earn a bid to the Super Bowl.

Ryan told WFAN's Mike Francesa that he believes New York should be able to disrupt the San Francisco 49ers using a four-man pass rush, and he predicts the Giants will meet the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl.

Reminded that he guaranteed that the Jets would be in the Super Bowl this season, Ryan responded, "When I said that I truly believed it was our time."

After finishing 8-8 and missing the playoffs, Ryan said he expects to change aspects of his coaching philosophy. Specifically, he noted that his famed bravado might have seen its last days.

"I try to put things on me, my back. ... In actuality I might have been putting more pressure on my guys," he said. ...

"I want to be a great head coach. I want to be. Am I there yet? No, I'm absolutely not there yet, but I am willing to work to get there."

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