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New York Giants' 2012 Opponents Announced

The New York Giants are not done with the 2012 playoffs yet — in fact, they haven’t even begun. The Giants, though, already know which teams they will play in the 2012 NFL regular season.

The slate of opponents was announced today, and it looks somewhat like the 2011 schedule. The Giants will again face the Greeb Bay Packers at home and travel to face the San Francisco 49ers. They will play the NFC South and AFC North.

There will, of course, be six NFC East games. The remaining list of opponents looks like this:

- vs. Green Bay

- @ San Francisco

- vs. New Orleans

- vs. Tampa Bay

- vs. Cleveland

- vs. Pittsburgh

- @ Atlanta

- @ Carolina

- @ Baltimore

- @ Cincinnati

The dates and times will be determined at a later date.

The Giants, though, have business to take care of before worrying about all of that.