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Eli Manning 'Definitely' Thought Giants Could Make Playoff Run After Team Fell To 7-7

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning made his weekly appearance on ESPN Radio in New York today to talk about the win over the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round and whether or not he doubted his team could be in the position they are currently in (via Sports Radio Interviews).

Manning thought before the game against Green Bay that it would have been closer than it ended up being. Manning was guarded about the performance of the referees, citing Giants head coach Tom Coughlin.

From there I thought whether the one fumble early on that they ruled down I had a lot of text messages after the game from people saying that was definitely a fumble but Coach Coughlin talked to us today about ‘hey don't get involved with the refs, let me handle the refs.'

Manning also said that he didn't doubt that the Giants could be playing for a spot in the Super Bowl even after the team was sitting at 7-7 following a loss to the Redskins.

"Yeah. I think definitely. That was the mindset that we had. We had a tough loss that game but we had done our work earlier in the season getting off to a fast start and we had beaten Dallas the week before so we knew the circumstances and we knew that we had to go play against a good team in the Jets and then the Cowboys again and we just had to win those two. We could get hot. We know we're a team that can get hot anytime and start playing great football. It's just a matter of kind of everything coming together, getting the players back, getting the opportunities, and we never lose our confidence in that. Sure enough that's exactly what started happening. Our defense has stepped up, they've been playing outstanding and offensively we've been playing smart not making mistakes, being patient, and knowing the big plays will come if we don't make the big mistakes."

The Giants will be looking for more big plays from Manning, who threw for 330 yards and three touchdowns against Green Bay, Sunday against San Francisco.

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