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Giants 37, Packers 20: Giants Post-Game Reactions

Here are some of the reactions from the New York Giants in their post-game press conference following Sunday's 37-20 victory over the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Divisional Round playoff game.

Head coach Tom Coughlin:

"Very happy for our players, for our coaches, for our ownership. ... We were excited to come here and play, we knew what we were up against and I thought we did an outstanding job.

"We had the turnovers, the turnover margin (4-1 Giants) was huge. We talk about that always, but in the playoffs the turnover margin is usually the indicator of success."

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Wide receiver Hakeem Nicks on his Hail Mary reception:

"I got down there, I didn't really see who was around me. All I saw was the ball."

Eli Manning on the Hail Mary:

You practice the Hail Mary, everybody knew what to do. ... First one that's ever been caught. Great job by Hakeem. Just threw it up there."

Running back Brandon Jacobs:

"We have the mentality to want to win and make plays, and that's what Hakeem did on that play," Jacobs said. "That's what Hakeem did on that play. He made a difference. It kind of broke their backs. I saw 'em walking off the field. They had their heads down. I pretty much knew they were done.

"We played against a great football team and we won."