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2012 NFL Playoffs, Giants Vs. Packers: Green Bay's B.J. Raji Insults Giants Offensive Line

B.J. Raji, Pro Bowl nose tackle for the Green Bay Packers, took a shot at the New York Giants offensive line Thursday. Raji called them “not the toughest group.”

Here is Raji’s full quote:

“I mean, I played them once this year and once last year. I can only judge by my vantage point up front, not necessarily the most physical — their backs are pretty physical, but not the toughest o-line,” said Raji. "Not saying they’re soft, but not the toughest group I’ve been against.

Raji wasn’t done trashing the Giants offense, saying the team’s tight ends “aren’t in any position to say too much.”

The Giants have had to shuffle their offensive line quite a bit this season due to injuries. They lost starting left tackle Will Beatty mid-way through the season, and center David Baas missed time due to a variety of injuries.

Winning the physical battle is something the Giants have talked about extensively this week. Let’s see if Raji’s words help motivate them to do just that.