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Packers Fans Asked To Up The Decibels Against Giants

The Green Bay Packers have asked their fans to to be as loud as a jet engine when they play their divisional-round game against the New York Giants (via this weekend.

The Packers say they have measured their fans' noise levels this season and found that they hit the 100-plus decibel level more than once each quarter of their home games.

"When you reach decibel levels in the 100's, it's comparable to a jet engine," said Mark Plopper, audio engineer at "Made Ya Look" in Green Bay.

Can the Packers' fans reach those same levels against the Giants this weekend? The Packers players sure hope so. The temperature (the high is not expected to be in the 30s) is not exactly going to be ideal for noise generation. The Giants will be hoping to make plays that will have Packers' fans sitting on their hands.

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