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2012 NFL Playoffs, Giants Vs. Packers: Aaron Rodgers Against New York's 2-Man Coverage

Rule No. 1 for game-planning against the Green Bay Packers: You are highly unlikely to stop Aaron Rodgers, but you must attempt to contain him.

One way the Giants could try to limit Rodgers' big-play ability this weekend during the team's divisional round meeting in the 2012 NFL Playoffs: playing 2-man in the secondary.

The National Football Post's Matt Bowen believes New York could play some 2-man coverage to stifle Rodgers' attack. The defense is designed to take away quick slants and digs while providing safety help, but it also might open up the middle of the field for Rodgers and the talented Green Bay receiving corps.

Bowen writes how the Packers would likely react to the Giants' 2-man coverage, by attempting to spread the two safeties with wideouts, opening up the middle for man-to-man coverage.


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