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Giants Vs. Packers, NFL Playoffs 2012: Antrel Rolle Echoes 'All-In' Mantra

Antrel Rolle’s weekly appearances on WFAN Radio with Joe and Evan have become highly-anticipated events. Rolle was on Tuesday morning and he spoke about the Giants’ victory over the Falcons and looked forward to Sunday’s divisional round game against the Green Bay Packers.

Asked about the Giants’ underdog status going into the game Rolle gave a sharp response.

“I don’t give a damn what people expect. We know what we expect from ourselves and we know what kind of team we have here and we know what our mindset is going into that game,” Rolle said.

Rolle said he likes what he sees from the Giants right now, and echoed the “All-In” mantra started near the end of the regular season by defensive end Justin Tuck.

“We want it,” said Rolle. “We’re all in. We have the eye of the tiger, without a doubt.”

Rolle said the 38-35 regular-season loss to Green Bay no longer matters.

“That game means absolutely nothing at this point,” Rolle said. “We’re gonna fight. … The game has to be played on Sunday and may the best win.”

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