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Fantasy Football Sit/Start Projections, Week One: Play Manning, Giants Receivers

Let’s take a look at which New York Giants players you should sit, and which ones you start, on your fantasy football team in Week 1 of the 2011 NFL season. As explained earlier, SB Nation is teaming up with numberFire to bring you the best possible projections and analysis.


Eli Manning
numberFire projections: 13.42 FP, 234.96 passing yards, 1.50 TDs, 1.37 INTs.

Analysis: We know Manning did not have a good preseason. He has two terrific weapons in wide receivers Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham, though, and the Washington secondary is a question mark.

Ahmad Bradshaw
numberFire projections: 12.55, FP, 78.52 rushing yards, 0.30 rushing TDs, 25.05 receiving yards, 0.07 TDs.

Analysis: Bradshaw is coming off his best season, and until otherwise noted you should start this guy.

Hakeem Nicks
numberFire projections: 11.06 FP, 6.69 catches, 84.24 yards, 0.44 TDs.

Analysis: If you have Nicks on your roster and you don’t play him you are nuts. This guy is on the verge of becoming one of the league’s dominant receivers, and Eli Manning will be sending lots and lots of passes in his direction.

Mario Manningham
numberFire projections: 8.46 FP, 3.63 catches, 58.25 yards, 0.43 TDs

Analysis: Manningham is the Giants’ deep threat, and Washington’s secondary is a question mark. There will be a few home run attempts in his direction Sunday. Get him in your lineup.


Brandon Jacobs
numberFire projections: 3.79 FP, 21.54 rushing yards, 0.23 TDs rushing, 2.74 yards receving, 0 TDs

Analysis: Not sure I agree completely with numberFire here. Jacobs historically has had some good games against Washington. You might be better served to keep him on the bench, though, until we see just how much the Giants are going to use him in 2011.

Travis Beckum
numberFire projections: 2.37 FP, 1.53 catches, 17.66 yards, 0.04 TDs

Analysis: Until Beckum, or any other Giants tight end, proves that he can be a reliable part of the passing game, stay way from them.

Lawrence Tynes
numberFire projections: 7.40 FP, 1.37 FGs, 2.74 XPs.

Analysis: In all honesty, stay far away from Tynes this week. He is a good kicker, but has not kicked since the first preseason game after suffering a deep thigh bruise on a blocked kick. Since that time the Giants have changed holders, so you just don’t know what you are going to get.