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Tom Coughlin: 'We Definitely Have Some Work To Do'

The numbers were not pretty for the New York Giants offense in Sunday’s 28-14 loss to the Washington Redskins.

- No points in the second half
- Only 1-for-10 on third down conversion
- Just 75 yards rushing on 20 attempts, 3.5 yards per carry
- Four sacks of quarterback Eli Manning allowed.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin knows his team needs to get better offensively.

“We definitely have some work to do to get where we want offensively. I won’t take anything away from the Redskins, they played hard and they did the things they had to do to win the game but I am disappointed in our ability to not take full advantage of what we had,” Coughlin said. “We have a ways to go with the process, with the execution. Offensively it has to happen and I think it will happen with a better week of practice.”

— Read the full transcript of Coughlin’s Monday press conference