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Clint Sintim Of Giants Wrecks Knee, Will Miss 2011 NFL Season

The injury bug that has plagued the New York Giants this preseason struck again Thursday night as linebacker Clint Sintim suffered a ruptured patella tendon in his right knee and will miss the 2011 NFL season.

Sintim suffered a torn ACL in that knee near the end of last season. The Giants reportedly believe that Sintim may have also turn the ACL again.

A second-round pick in 2009, Sintim was apparently quite emotional when he spoke briefly to reporters following the game.

“I knew as soon as I hit [the ground]. I knew,” Sintim said.

Head coach Tom Coughlin said simply “It’s bad.”

Sintim has not lived up to expectations with the Giants, having not yet been able to earn a starting spot. However, he had a good preseason prior to being injured and — with an inexperienced group of reserve linebackers — could have provided the Giants some depth and experience.

Now, though, you have to wonder if his career just went up in smoke.