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Rex Ryan Says Jets Defense Is 'Going To Be Outstanding'

The New York Giants totaled 327 yards of offense Monday against the New York Jets, but only three points as the Jets won, 17-3. Jets head coach Rex Ryan said afterwards that the Jets were going to have “one of the premier defenses in the league.”

“That’s [the Giants] a good football team, they made some plays on us. We missed a few, those things happen. You’re not going to be perfect, but will we end up being the best defense in football? I think so,” Ryan said. “So believe me, the least concern I have is about our defense. I think our defense is going to be outstanding. I’ve always said that and I challenge everybody: put your negative comments out there and we’ll see what happens at the end. Because I think our defense is really going to be outstanding.”

As usual, Rex does not lack for confidence. Let’s see if the Jets can prove him right.