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Jets-Giants Analysis: Giants Still Their Own Worst Enemy

If you are fan of the New York Giants the fact that your team lost to the New York Jets, 17-3, Monday night should not be a concern. It is preseason, and final scores really don’t matter. How the Giants lost the game, though, should be a concern.

Coming off a season in which the Giants led the league with 42 turnovers, including a career-worst 25 interceptions by Eli Manning, had consistent special teams breakdowns and some lapses in discipline the Giants have placed heavy emphasis on trying to clean up those things.

Yet, Monday night Manning was intercepted twice — both on balls he had no business throwing. There were special teams breakdowns all over the place — including fumbled returns, long returns allowed, a blocked field goal.

There was Brandon Jacobs getting in a fight and getting tossed out. Deon Grant with a foolish personal foul penalty, too.

All of this stuff is what kept the Giants out of the playoffs the past two seasons. The Giants have the talent to be a playoff team. They won’t get there, though, if they continue being their own worst enemy.