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Derrick Mason On Jets-Giants Rivalry, Mark Sanchez, Rex Ryan

Veteran New York Jets wide receiver Derrick Mason, acquired as a free agent a few weeks ago, joined Anita Marks on WFAN recently to discuss his new team as the season approaches.

Sports Radio Interviews has the full transcript. Here are some excerpts:

Are you coming into your own on experiencing how deep the rivalry is between the Jets and Giants?

“Yes I am. Playing for the Titans and then going from the Titans to Baltimore you never got an appreciation for the rivalry between the Jets and the Giants. But being here for the last couple of weeks you really get that appreciation.”

How good is Mark Sanchez? Give it on a scale of 1-10? Where is he at right now?

“He’s developing at the way a young quarterback needs to develop. I was with Joe [Flacco] for three years and I saw his development from year one to year three. I think Sanchez is on that roll right now. I can’t rate him from a one to a ten. I can’t give him a rating, but I think he’s on that natural progress that all young quarterbacks have to make in order to make it in this league and lead your teams to championships. I think for him what helps is that we have a very good defense, we have a very good running game and he’s been to two AFC Championship games. That will help him a lot where as with Joe [Flacco] we went to one in his first year and we played in some playoff games. For Sanchez he built up that confidence through the playoffs and you could see that this year.”

Give me the main reason as to why guys want to play for Rex Ryan?

“He’s honest. He’s not going to be one way in your face and another way behind your back. He’s Rex. He’s not going to change. Like I said he’s going to be doing it the way he has been doing it for the longest. For me that’s all I want is for a guy to be able to look at me and when they tell me something be honest about it and he has.”